Staff of the Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine

The staff of the department Hygiene and Social Medicine includes 3 Doctors of Medicine, Full Professors; 1 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Full Professor; 5 Candidates of Medicine, associate Professors; 1 PhD in biology; 4 Candidates of Medicine, Assistants; 1 Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Assistant; 16 Assistants without academic degree; 6 senior department assistants; 2 engineers. The percentage of persons working full-time is 83,2%, and persons working part-time at the department – 16,8%.

The Department provides scientific, methodical and teaching staff, marked with national and international marks.

MD, Doctors of Medicine, Full Professor O. Y. Mayorov – First Vice-President and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Ukrainian Association of "Computer Medicine". Member of the European Federation of Medical Informatics, Representative of Ukraine to the International Medical Informatics Association, founder and vice-president of the Ukrainian Association of Clinical Neurophysiology, chief specialist on information of Health Ministry of Health of Ukraine. He received a medal of Academician P. K. Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences for Development "Theory of functional systems"; British Computer Society scholarship for the development of health information technology. Awarded the Medal of Leonhard Euler European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany, 2009) for his outstanding contribution to the creation of new health information technologies.

Doctor of Physics and Technical Sciences, Full Professor O. V. Martynenko – Member of the European Society of Biomechanics (EBS), the World Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), the International Association of Physics and Mathematics to Medicine (IUPESM). National Secretary of the Ukrainian Association of Medical and Biological Engineering.

MD, Doctors of Medicine, Full Professor L. V. Podrigalo – the head of the department of hygiene and human physiology of the Kharkov state academy of physical culture, the expert in the field of primary diagnostics of a state of health, forecasting of a functional state, research of a morfofunctional condition of athletes. The participant of elimination of consequences of Chernobyl accident, is awarded by a medal, the medal "70 years to Armed Forces of the USSR".

The high quality of education provided years of experience and strong capabilities of teaching staff of the Department. The average length of service in the Department of educational activities of employees in higher education is 9 years.

In order to maintain a high level of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department annual pass courses, specialization, pre-certification courses, thematic improvement et al., including pedagogical skills courses and courses on introduction into the educational process of innovative Internet technologies and distance learning.

Lecturers of Department

Zhanna V. Sotnikova-Meleshkina

Heorhii M. Danylenko

Leonid V. Podrigalo

Oleksander V. Martynenko

Ihor V. Lantukh

Stanislav V. Korzhenevskyi

Oksana V. Bobrova

Tetyana P. Sidorenko

Andrii M. Zinchuk

Iryna V. Red’ka

Liliia I. Ponomariova

Oksana V. Zagorodnieva

Sergiy V. Ostropolets

Olena H. Avdiievska

Leonid V. Yermakov

Maryna O. Kindruk

Hanna V. Korobkova-Arzhannikova

Liudmyla V. Maliarova

Alina M. Shvets

Halyna I. Holubnycha

Olga O. Holubnycha

Hanna M. Chernyakova

Olga H. Zinchuk