Clinical bases of the Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine

Clinical bases of the Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine are two institutions.

SI "Institute of Health Protection of Children and Adolescents of NAMS of Ukraine" – the lead agency of National academy of medical sciences of Ukraine known for the scientific and clinical potential far outside Ukraine.

SI "Institute of Public Health of Children and Adolescents NAMS of Ukraine" was organized in October 1922 in Kharkiv. The first Ukrainian State Institute of Maternity Childhood Protection (Order of People's Commissariat of Health of Ukraine of 28.10.1922 № 174). In 1965, the institution was reorganized into N. K. Krupskaya Kharkiv Research Institute of Child and Adolescents Health Protection of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. From this period, the Institute is a leading research institution in Ukraine, which coordinates research on the issue of "Health school-age children and adolescents," prepares highly qualified, issues methodically and information materials for implementation in practice, conducts research and practice conferences and scientific symposia on topical issues of the health of children and adolescents, ensures the provision of highly skilled medical and consultative assistance to children and adolescent population.

On the basis of clinical held lectures, practical and laboratory classes, there is a formation of practical skills and consolidation of theoretical knowledge. Members of the students' scientific circles of the Department are actively involved in scientific research, which are based on the clinical bases of the Department.

The municipal enterprise "Sanepidservice" of Department of health protection is framed by the solution of 20 sessions of the 6th convocation of the Kharkiv city council of 24.10.2012 No. 910/12; is structure of Department of health care of the Kharkiv city council.

Primary activity of the enterprise – rendering of services to legal entities and individuals on carrying out laboratory researches in the sphere of ensuring sanitary and epidemic wellbeing of the population, namely bacteriological, parasitological, physical and chemical, radiological researches of food and food staples, drinking water, atmospheric air, the soil, air of a working zone, factors of surrounding and production medium, such as the ionizing and electromagnetic radiation, vibration, illuminating intensity, microclimate parameters; biological to material from the person for definition of existence of originators infectious diseases, sensitivities to antibiotics, etc.

Sanitary, hygienic and bacteriological laboratories ME "Sanepidservice" are accredited by GP "Kharkiv Regional Research and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology, Certification". Highly qualified specialists who have long-term experience and the corresponding qualification categories, scientific degrees work at the enterprise. Bacteriologists of the enterprise are federated members of the European microbiological societies "FEMS"; societies of microbiologists of Ukraine of S. M. Vinogradsky.

On clinical bases lecture, practical and laboratory classes is given, there is a formation of practical skills and fixing of the gained theoretical knowledge. Members of student scientific society of department take active part in scientific researches.