Dear colleagues and students of the School of Medicine!

We heartily congratulate you with the coming of the New Year and Christmas!

For all of us the New Year night - not only the long-awaited holiday of joy and kindness, but also unchanging symbol of the realization of all wishes. It always gives us faith in goodness, hopes for the best and gives a lot of gifts, a wonderful mood and positive emotions. The New Year - is the real reason to take stock and begin to count next achievements.

On the eve of the holiday, we sincerely like to thank the staff the School of Medicine for hard scientific and pedagogical work, devotion to the university's mission and desire to make the School of Medicine of the University relevant to the slogan: "Classics ahead of time." We are thankful to our students for the pursuit of knowledge and hard learning work, for scientific, public, social and civil activity.

We are confident that in the coming year we will multiply our successes and will achieve all the goals, and our coordinated work will contribute to the development of the school, university and national system of higher medical education by working together.

Heartily we wish you strong health, happiness and prosperity, peaceful sky and kindness, professional and creative success. Congratulations!