Dean's welcome

Dear colleagues, students and entrants!

One of the most crucial needs of mankind today is to create a modern, efficient and affordable medical care system, that would not be able to function without an appropriate quantitative and qualitative staffing. Modern doctors are the intellectual elite of the state, who guarantee health and life protection of an individual as well as the existence of the whole nation through continuous education and self-improvement, thus forming a solid foundation for the development and prosperity of Ukraine.

The School of Medicine of Karazin University is a harmonious combination of a great respect for the academic traditions of one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe and, at the same time, the desire to implement modern technologies and innovations of the future into the educational process and further clinical practice of our students. Strictly adhering to the Code of Values of Karazin University and respecting the centuries-old principles of classical university education, the School of Medicine is moving forward, providing students with high-quality multi-stage higher medical education at the European level: from entrant to professional doctor.

Scientific and pedagogical community of different schools of Karazin university working together creates perfect conditions for medical students to in-depth study fundamental disciplines, which allows to form a scientifically rigorous, comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of the processes within healthy and sick human body, while leading Ukrainian scientists and experienced doctors pass on to their students the principles of clinical thinking, considering the achievements of world medical science.

I invite you to become a part of the big Karazin family within the walls of one of the best classical universities in the country, which, for sure, will become for everyone not only a place for work and study, but also a reliable platform for self-realization and self-improvement!

Dean of the School of Medicine,

Doctor of Medicine, Full Professor

Tetiana І. Liadova