Research at the School

Scientific work of School of Medicine of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is an integral part of its activity. The scientific and pedagogical staff of School of Medicine, thanks to their researches, is recognized as leading experts in the branches of medical science not only in the territory of Ukraine but also abroad.

Scientific and pedagogical staff of Departments is collaborators of a number of the international scientific researches in the field of pharmacology, therapy, cardiology, pediatrics, surgery and others.

From the moment of revival of School of Medicine in 1992 its stuff have defended more than 75 candidate and 15 doctoral dissertations. Currently more than 60 master's and 12 doctoral theses are planned and executing by stuff of School of Medicine.

Results of research works of staff of School of Medicine from the moment of its revival in 1993 are displayed more than in 150 articles in magazines which have an impact-factor and enter foreign scientometric bases, more than in 2000 articles in domestic specialized publications, more than 2000 articles in other publications. The innovative approaches used in scientific researches of School of Medicine of Karazin University are confirmed with about 200 patents and copyright certificates.

The School of Medicine is the organizer of 150 scientific and practical conferences, including 58 – international. The staff of facultywith reports on the results of their own research took part more than in 500 conferences, congresses, symposiums, forums, etc., including about 200 – international.

Integral part of scientific work of the Medical Department is the organization of work of student scientific circles, which are structural divisions of Scientific Community of Students, graduate students, doctoral candidates and young scientists of department. For years of existence community 12 conferences with the international participation are held by members of Scientific, more than 150 articles and theses are published, close scientific contacts with scientific organizations of all medical Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine of the near and far abroad are established.