Educational work of the Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine

Educational work of the department is one of its priorities. Students can obtain training in six disciplines in English or eight in Ukrainian languages. The total volume of academic load is 11285 academic hours, including 130 lecture hours and 8724 practical, practical with labs, and seminar lessons.

For efficient education of undergraduate students, the School of the Department use the Recommendations to discipline is Standardized Curriculums, approved by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the framework of regulated guidelines for departmental school. Student’s education and training is conducting according to the guidelines of Bologna Processes.

The School of the Department successfully combine multimedia with visual and concrete materials in their academic instruction. The combination aims the active involvement students to clinic and research activities of the Department. In addition, the school is adopting the innovative approach to academic instruction, such as online consultations, webinars, online consultation for students, discussion with students various issues in voice and text chatting, online monitoring of preparation of students to the licensed examination KROK (online departmental database for preparation to one out of three-step examination for medical licensure in Ukraine), etc.

During training at the Department, students can get acquainted with modern diagnostic and laboratory equipment for an assessment of health of the population and quality of environment, available to the Department.

Practical exercises are conducted in conditions as close to real. Students and teachers of the Department take part in hygiene research followed by writing acts sanitary inspection ward sections, catering health facility, classes and training laboratories in secondary schools, residential blocks in the dorms, sampling of drinking water for bacteriological and chemical analysis, determination the level of physical development and nutritional status of children and adolescents, conduct activities to promote healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren, the organization of round tables and lectures with parents in schools.

Thus, students at the stage of training obtained invaluable experience in the field of preventive medicine.

The successful student’s achievement on the one out of three-step examination for medical licensure in Ukraine KROK-2 is the main concern of the School. In order to students achieve the great score database with previous years tests, utilizing the School of Medicine software, computer classes with multimedia, online options is implementing during the course with equal distribution of the load on the students. In addition, school is always ready to discuss and to review any unclear topic for the student during preparation to the exam. Our students have the highest score among other students of Ukrainian School of Medicine and get top-ranking score, which proves the efficiency of our teaching methods.

To enrich student’s experience the School of the Department of General and Clinical Pathology helps interested students to rich the highest potential and to compete with peers at National Ukrainian Olympiads/Competitions, scientific conferences, conventions, etc. Every year our students won prizes and rewarded with special achievement certificates, badges, pins, etc.