Scientific work of the Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine

The scientific workof the Department is an integral part of its activities.Under the contract with the Department staff Institute of Public Health of Children and Adolescents Academy of Medicine of Ukraine performed candidate dissertations: "To study the impact of medical and social factors on the formation of academically talented children of secondary school age" specialty "hygiene and professional pathology" and "To develop hygiene measures prevention of diseases of teenagers professional self." (Specialty "hygiene and professional pathology» 14.02.01).

Since the founding of the Department, its staff defended five PhD candidate dissertations. Currently at the Department planned and executed four candidate PhD dissertations.

The results of their own research staff of the Department during its existence reflected in the published 15 articles in journals that have impact factor and are included in the foreign scientometric base, 72 articles in national and 34 – in foreign specialized publications, 108 articles and theses in other journals. Innovative approaches in research confirmed seven patents and copyright certificates.

Department organized and held six scientific conferences, including three International. Reports on the results of its own research staff of the Department participated in 2 conferences, congresses, symposiums, forums, etc., including 7 International.

Department of Scientific Contacts established with the University of Aberdeen (UK) – a work on a joint project «Heart rate variability: nonlinear analysis» of the program Microsoft Azure Research. Department participates in the IBM Academic Initiative. Preparations of a joint project with the University of Barcelona (Spain), Roma University (Italy), University of Aberdeen (UK) to participate in Horizon2020 (EU), which signed the agreement on the exchange of experience, scientific cooperation and joint scientific research.

The part of the scientific work of the Department is the organization of student scientific circles, which are the structural units of the Scientific Community of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists of the Medical Faculty. Students scientific circle of the Department together with staff of the Department are actively involved in clinical and scientific conferences, congresses, forums, symposiums and research, the results of which are published 8 articles in specialized publications, including 2 of them – in foreign.

Students of the Research Student Scientific Circles of the Department organized and conducted seven scientific conferences, including seven of them international, during which students presented the results of their researches.