Head of the Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine

The Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine is headed by Sotnikova-Meleshkina Zhanna Vladislavivna, Ph.D., Assistant Professor.

ZhannaVladyslavovnagraduated from Kharkiv National Medical University in 1996in the specialty of "Medical-preventive care". After internship in the Kominternivskyi regional sanitary and epidemiological station in Kharkiv and according to the results of certification, she received the degree of Doctor in the specialty of "Municipal Hygiene". She has over 20 years of medical experience, including the head of the regional SES unit in Kharkiv - 6 years. Since 2003 she has beenworking as a teacher, and since 2011 - Assistant Professor of the Department.Zhanna Vladyslavivna has 15-years of teaching experience.She has frequently taken courses in Kharkiv Medical Academy of postgraduate education, including «Fundamentals of theory and methodology of postgraduate education” and “Current issues of general hygiene”.From November 2016 toJune 2017 at the premises of State Institution «Institute of Health Protection of Children and Adolescents of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine» she completed internships on social medicine and publichealth organization and hygiene issues of children and adolescentsin the workplace, and in 2019 -internship on municipal hygiene.

In 2011 she defended her dissertation on the theme of "Hygienic features of the subject oriented educational program of rural pupils" and received a scientific degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. In 2012 she was awarded a degree of Associate Professor. Since 2017 she has been working on her dissertation to get a degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the theme of "Hygienic optimization of educational activity of academically capable and gifted pupils at general educational institutions".

She is the author of more than 60 scientific works, including articles in professional publications, patents and copyrights. Annually she participates in scientific and practical conferences. She actively carries out methodical work: work programs on "Hygiene and sanitation in the field" have been established and a course of lectures for students of the MEU faculty has been established; work programs have been updated and information packs on the subjects of Hygiene and Ecology (6th year of study), elective course "Nutrition" have been prepared, 2 textbooks, more than 40 educational and methodical publications have been published.

The area of scientific and professional interests of Sotnikova-Meleshkina at this stage of activity is nutrition, dietetics, school medicine and hygiene of children and adolescents, healthy lifestyle, as well as public health.

Head's report on the work of the department (2018-2019)

Head's report on the work of the department (2019-2020)