Staff of the Department of General Practice – Family Medicine

The staff of the Department of General Practice - Family Medicine includes 4 doctors of medical sciences, professors; 33 Candidates of Medical Sciences, Associate Professors; 2 candidates of medical sciences, assistant; 10 assistants without a scientific degree; 4 senior laboratory assistants. The percentage of persons working at the main place of work is 80%, and persons working at the department part-time - 20%. High quality of education is ensured by years of experience and powerful potential of the teaching staff of the department. On average, the department's teaching experience of employees in higher educational institutions is 16.3 years.

In order to maintain a high scientific and pedagogical level of the staff of the department, employees undergo annual training courses, specializations, pre-certification cycles, thematic improvements, etc., including courses of pedagogical skills and courses on the introduction of innovative Internet technologies in the educational process. Teachers of the department have medical specializations in the fields of "General practice-family medicine", "Therapy", "Occupational diseases", "Cardiology", "Pharmacology", "Pediatric nephrology", "Pediatric psychoneurology", "Hygiene nutrition", "Epidemiology" , "Genetics", "Human Physiology", "Rheumatology", "Endocrinology".

The staff of the department regularly undergo cycles of thematic improvement and advanced training: "Topical issues of rheumatology", "Modern approaches to pharmaco- and phytotherapy of basic non-infectious and infectious diseases", "Technologies of distance education in higher education", "Situation" , rescue, you are a first aid in emergency situations. " In order to improve the quality of the educational process, teachers regularly improve pedagogical skills in cycles of advanced training: "Modern teaching technologies", "Fundamentals of theory and methodology of postgraduate education", "Fundamentals of psychological and pedagogical training of teachers", "Fundamentals of pedagogical skill", field of psychology and pedagogy of high school.

Lecturers of Department

Evgene Y. Nikolenko

Оlena О. Shevchenko

Nadiya K. Aleksandrova

Ludmila V. Belyaeva

Kira V. Vovk

Ganna I. Kvitchata

Svitlana V. Gridnieva

Oleksandr G. Resnichenko

Alina O. Minaieva

Olga V. Vyazovska

Vasilyi P. Kandyba

Liudmila I. Kovalenko

Ganna S. Кratenko

Ludmila V. Laricheva

Olena I. Lytvyn

Nataliya О. Pylypenko

Olena O. Gaidukova

Maksim V. Martynenko

Olena E. Nikolenko

Oksana V. Sokruto

Evgen О. Tantsura

Olga O. Salun

Olena L. Pavlova

Iryna V. Adamovych