Clinical bases of the Department of General Practice – Family Medicine

The clinical base of the Department of General Practice-Family Medicine is "City Polyclinic No. 26" of Kharkiv City Council, located at: 23A, Augusta, 23A, Kharkiv. Phone number to register for any contact information: 057-725-24-00. The medical institution is a base for the passage of medical practice in internal medicine by students of 5 year (English-language form of teaching).

At this clinical base are held lectures, practical and laboratory classes, clinical analyzes of patients with the participation of students, the formation of practical skills and consolidation of the theoretical knowledge obtained. Members of the student's scientific circles of the department take an active part in scientific researches, which take place on the basis of the clinical bases of the department.

The clinical work of the department is carried out by the staff of the department on clinical bases with the involvement of students during the study of relevant disciplines. The structure of the clinic includes: 2 therapeutic units; Department of General Practice-Family Medicine; Department of Surgery; physiotherapy department; radiological department; neurological department; department of prevention; department of rehabilitation treatment; there is a day hospital for 40 beds; there is a round-the-clock trauma center. The polyclinic provides specialized medical care to more than 65,000 people living in 29 specialties in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kharkiv. It employs more than 300 employees, including 89 doctors and 132 nursing staff. The clinical base of the Department of General Practice-Family Medicine is the "City Polyclinic № 8" of Kharkiv City Council, located at: Kharkiv Victory Ave. 40