Educational work of the Department of Pediatrics

Teaching is one of the priority directions of the Department’s work. The department provides training of medical students in six subjects in Ukrainian and English languages. The total of 21,596 academic hours are being taught; out of them 180 are in lectures, and 17284 – in practical classes.

Methodical complexes of disciplines of the department

Teaching is performed in compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine approved by the Central Methodical Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.The teaching of all disciplines of the department is carried out in accordance with the recommendations and rules of the Bologna process.

The educational process at the Department is carried out using modern multimedia and computer technology, a sufficient number of visual materials, innovative educational tools (online counseling for students; discussions using voice and text chat; remote control of the current performance).

In the process of training students have the access to the modern diagnostic systems and treatment systems, such as endoscopy, рH-metry, ultrasonography, ECG and 24-hours BP monitoring systems, ECG, EEG, equipment of the clinical and bacteriological laboratory, computational radiology laboratory, etc.

During the clinical training students participate under supervision of the department’s stuff in management of patients, including interrogation, physical examination, choice of diagnostic and therapeutic measures in specific clinical cases, participate in clinical rounds, and consultations of specialists.

Special attention is paid to preparing students for the licensing examination (KROK 2), by discussing examination database test questions, with further intermediate control of performance. The School of Medicine and Department of Pediatrics take leading positions among the schools of Medicine of Ukraine due to results of the KROK -2. Department stuff provides assistance for the best students for participation in Ukrainian and International Olympiads, competitions and conferences where our students win numerous awards, grants and marks of distinction.