Staff of the Department of Pediatrics

The staff of the Department of Pediatrics includes 6 Doctors of Medicine, Full Professors; 19 Candidates of Medicine, Associate Professors; 2 Candidates of Medicine, Assistants; 3 senior department assistants. The percentage of persons working full-time is 29.16%, and persons working part-time at the department – 70.84%. The staff of the Department consists of 1 Honored Master of Sciences and Engineering of Ukraine.

The average length of the teaching experience of the Department stuff exceeds 26,5 years. To comply with the educational industry standards our stuff continuously undergoes numerous trainings and workshops, participates at the certified programs in various disciplines and specializations, including courses on pedagogical skills and teaching philosophy, and innovative online educational technologies and distance learning programs.

Lecturers of Department

Viacheslav H. Chernuskyi

Mykola M. Koreniev

Olha L. Hovalenkova

Hanna V. Letiaho

Svitlana R. Tolmachova

Inna D. Savvo

Victoriia L. Kashina-Yarmak