Scientific work of the Department of Pediatrics

Scientific work is an integral part of the department’s activity. Our publications encounter over 732 peer-reviewed manuscripts including 12 monographs, 29 methodological recommendations and over 19 patents for inventions. Since the establishment of the Department, 3 habilitation and 2 doctoral research projects in Medicine were defended. Medical students of the Department have a possibility to participate in the clinical rounds, clinical and scientific conferences and workshops carried out by the Institute.

Our research interests:

⇨Improvement of diagnostics of gastroduodenal diseases in adolescents associated with Helicobacter pylori.

⇨Role of intracellular pathogens in infectious pathology of children.

⇨Pathogenetic mechanisms of hypertension in adolescents with obesity.

⇨Mechanisms of diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in adolescents with myocardial disorders.

Scientific collaborations:


Partner organization




Advanced materials and methods for health protection.



Travel Grant of the Victorian Government and MCVB.

South Africa


Education Workshop Fellowship at the 8th World Congress of Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Japanese Society of Gastroenterology

Travel Award of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology; Invited Speaker

According to the traditions of classical university education, our students have a possibility to participate in the research projects carried out at the department and/or to carry out own research under supervision of the Department mentor, and to participate in scientific conferences. Manuscripts, co-authored with students are published in 14 research jornals.

Savelieva Lilia, the student of the 6th year of studying - III place in the All-Ukrainian competition of students’ scientific papers in "Preventive medicine" (in English). Topic of the scientific paper "Study of peculiarities of health-saving behavior of student youth under conditions of professional orientation, healthy lifestyle and measures for its implementation awareness", scientific advisor Doctor of Medical Science, Associate Professor, Letyago G.V.