Clinical bases of the Department of Surgical Diseases

The clinical base of the Department of Surgical Diseases is one of the leading institutions of the health system of Ukraine, known for its scientific and clinical potential far beyond Ukraine - State Institution "Road Hospital of Kharkiv Station" "Ukrzaliznytsia".

Lectures, practical and laboratory studies, clinical reviews with the participation of students are carried out on the basis of the clinic; there is a formation of practical skills and consolidation of theoretical knowledge. Members of the students' scientific circles of the Department are actively involved in scientific research, which are based on the clinic base.

Clinical work of the Department of Surgical Diseases carried out by staff of the Department on the basis of the clinic with the involvement of students in the study of relevant disciplines.

During the year staff of the Department are been treating about 2,000 patients, performing nearly 1,500 surgeries, consulting more than 500 patients in departments of the clinic.

Weekly the Head of the Department, professors and associate professors make rounds in the surgical department of the clinic, hold daily clinical reviews of patients who planned to operative interferences and have been operated yesterday.

Professors and associate professors of the Department of Surgical Diseases carry the monthly duty as consultants, and also they are the curators of departments. Assistants of the Department are on duty at the clinic as a senior surgeon on duty and do clinical work, which contains provisions regarding the hospital.

Staff of the Department develop and implement into clinical practice new methods of diagnostics and treatment using advanced minimally invasive technologies.