Staff of the Department of Surgical Diseases

The staff of the Department of Surgical Diseases includes 3 Doctors of Medicine, Full Professors; 9 Candidates of Medicine, Associate Professors; 18 Assistants without academic degree; 3,5 wage-rates of senior laboratory assistants. The percentage of persons working full-time is 73%, and persons working part-time at the department – 27%. The one Honored Doctor of Ukraine carries out research and teaching activities at the Department.

The high quality of education is provided by years of experience and strong capabilities of teaching staff of the Department. The average teaching experience of staff in higher education is near 11 years.

In order to keep the high scientific and pedagogical level of the Department staff employees pass extension courses, specialization, pre-certification courses, thematic improvement et al., including the training of pedagogical skills and courses on introduction into the educational process of innovative Internet technologies and distance learning in educational process.

Lecturers of Department

Jevghen D. Khvorostov

Serghij O. Bychkov

Oleksij I. Tsivenko

Ghennadij M. Gherasymov

Jurij P. Ghnidenko

Roman M. Ghrynjov

Ljudmyla M. Dushyk

Jurij B. Zakharchenko

Serghij O. Morozov

Natalja V. Cherkova

Julija Ju. Bojeva

Natalja S. Bychkova

Dmytro B. Vvedensjkyj

Oleksandr O. Vlasov

Volodymyr V. Derykolenko

Dmytro P. Kucenko

Jevghen V. Shevchenko