History of Department of Surgical Diseases

One of the first in the School of Fundamental Medicine was established the Department of surgical diseases. The date of its birth should be considered on

February 23, 1994, when the order of University was issued on the establishment of the Department with a staff of four employees. The Department was headed by Doctor of Medicine, Professor Eugene D. Khvorostov. Currently, the staff of the Department has increased several times. All members of the Department have Academic Degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Medicine.

An integral part of the Department is a scientific and methodical activity. The results were published in a large number of journal articles, monographs, and guidelines for doctors and students, invention patents.

Lots of candidate and doctoral theses were successfully passed at the Department. Main research topic of the Department "New Technologies in Surgical Gastroenterology."

According to the main research topics, the following research works are carried out: "Development of minimally invasive surgeries with low temperatures in the treatment of patients with cholelithiasis and gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer", "New technologies in treatment of diabetes and its complications," "Comprehensive treatment of colon and rectum cancer", "The study of physical methods of action and morphological and functional state of blood vessels, tissues, stomach, small and large intestines in their dissection and coagulation in surgery of the digestive tract", "Development of minimally invasive treatment of liquid formations of organs of parenchyma and abdominal cavity in a planned and emergency surgery".

Staff of the Department are active members of many Ukrainian and international associations.

There are disciplines for students that are taught in the department: "General Surgery", "Surgical Diseases", "Vascular Surgery", "Oncology", "Pediatric Surgery", "Urology", "Traumatology and orthopedics", "Ophthalmology", "Anesthesiology", "Emergency and first aid", "Military surgery", "Emergencies", " Military surgery", "ENT diseases."

Students improve their knowledge on surgery in the surgical circle, speaking at conferences of different levels, winning prizes.

The training process uses clinical and diagnostic departments of clinical base, which is the KCH on Railways №2 affiliateof HC JSC “Ukrainian Railways”.