Clinical bases are the best in Ukraine

Training of students of the School of Medicine of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is held at clinical bases, which are related to the leading Ukrainian treatment-and-prophylactic and scientific institutions.

During the process of educational classes at the clinical bases students get practical skills, necessary for clinical work, they hold clinical surveys and patients interviewing, fill in the medical documentation, get acquainted with the principles and seize technology of work with modern medical equipment, take part in diagnostic and medical actions, consultations, clinical analyses of difficult cases, scientific and practical conferences, symposiums, congresses etc.

Clinical bases of School of Medicine are equipped with the modern medical and diagnostic equipment of the European level, and clinical work is carried out taking into account the last standards of delivery of health care.The most part of establishments from the list of clinical bases of medical faculty are innovators in the areas,the leading scientific and clinical centers known for the works and achievements far outside Ukraine.

Practical and lectures of surgical diseases is given in the Road Clinical Hospital at Kharkiv Station «Ukrzaliznytsya».The Clinic is powerful scientific center and is equipped with the modern medical and diagnostic equipment: surgical videoendocomplexes (МВТ-ЭФ (Russia), KarlStorz (Germany), «Endomedium» (Russia); electrosurgical devices (ЭХВА-350М/120Б «Nadiya-2» (Ukraine), ЭХВЧ-200-«Endomedium» (Russia), KarlStorz (Germany);ultrasonic surgical installation «HarmonicscalpelUltracision» (EthiconEndoSurgery, the USA), Ultrasonography devices (Sonoace 4800 films «Medison», ToshibaNemio и PhilipsHDI 4000), video endoscopic complexes called «Olympus» (Japan), radiological complex Superix 180N and others.

The clinical bases of Department of internal medicine of the School of Medicine V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University are the Kharkiv railway clinical hospital №1 of the branch "Center of healthcare" of public joint stock company "Ukrainian Railway" and Kharkiv City policlinic No. 24.

Kharkiv railway clinical hospital №1 of the branch "Center of healthcare" of public joint stock company "Ukrainian Railway" is the leadingmedical and diagnostic, organizational and methodical and scientific and practical center of the Ukrainian railroads for neurology,cardiology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery and psychiatry. The range of the help given there is from sharp states to a rehabilitation stage,and also ensures full inspection and specification of the diagnosis for carrying out medical labor examination for workers of railway transport of Ukraine.

The clinical base of the Department of general practice – family medicine is the Kharkiv City Policlinic No. 26 which is the base for passing of medical practice on internal medicine by students of the 5th course (English-speaking form of education), and also studying of discipline "Organizational fundamentals of family medicine" students of the 6th course.

On this clinical base lectures, practical and laboratory classes, clinical analyses of patients with participation of students are given, there is a formation of practical skills and fixing of the gained theoretical knowledge. Members of student scientific circles of Department take an active part in scientific researches which take place on the basis of clinical bases of Department.

More than 65000 people who live in Dzerzhinsky District of Kharkiv are provided specialized medical care in more than 29 specialties in the policlinic. Here there are more than 300 employees, among them 89 doctors and 132 average health workers work. In the policlinic "Schools of arterial hypertension" and "School of training of patients with diabetes" work,where students of School of Medicine of Karazin University are actively involved.

The clinical bases of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are:

  • The Kharkiv City Perinatal Center, which is the specialized institution on delivery of health care on an accouchement in premature terms of pregnancy, to the prematurely born newborn and treatment of not incubation of pregnancy.
  • Clinic of Reproductive Medicine of academician V. I. Grishchenko – is the modern medical establishment that provides a full range of services for effective diagnosis and treatment of all types of male and female infertility.
  • The Kharkiv Regional Student Hospital is the modern diversified preventive establishment which provides medical care on 3 levels: the primary – in 14 Centers of Primary Medical and Sanitary Care and 9 health posts which are directly located in Higher Education Institutions where complex of preventive and anti-epidemic measures is held and primary medical care is provided; the secondary – in polyclinic with 3000 visits per a day in which all kinds of therapeutic and preventive care, including medical examination, are rendered by medical specialists and all necessary diagnostic examinations are carried out; the tertiary – in the hospital for 180 beds for students and 60 beds for the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. The hospital provides medical care to students of 26 Higher Educational Institutions with III-IV accreditation levels state form of ownership by the 866 staff members, including physicians in 34 specialties.
  • Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital No. 13. The structure of the institution includes outpatient and inpatient department. Inpatient department is designed for 305 beds. All major medical specialties are accepted in outpatient department. The Clinic include a day hospital on 42 beds in which patients of therapeutic, neurological and surgical profiles can be treated.

Clinical bases of the Department of General and Clinical Immunology and Allergology are Institute of Microbiology and Immunology I. I. Mechnikova NAMS of Ukraine, Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, Regional Children Hospital, Regional Clinical TB Dispensary No. 7 and City Dermatovenerologic Dispensary No. 2 on which improvement of practical skills of students of medical school are carried out.

Practical work has the great importance for motivating students during the process of education at the Department of the General and Clinical Pathology of School of Medicine and is carried out on the clinical basis of the Department, which the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery named by V. T. Zaitsev of NAMS of Ukraine is. It is one of the oldest medical institutions of Ukraine, Multi-Surgical Scientific and Practical Center, a well-known both in Ukraine and abroad. There are practical exercises on subjects that are taught at the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy of the School of Medicine of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Classes for ENT diseases are held on the basis of the Kharkiv City ENT Hospital No. 30, which is considered one of the best in its profile in Ukraine.

Clinical bases of the Department of Pediatrics are the Institute for Children’s and Teenagers’ Health Protection at the NAMS of Ukraine, Regional Children's Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital, City Children's Clinical Hospital No. 24, Сity Children's Policlinic No. 23, where improvement of knowledge of students of School of Medicine in the field of pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases carried out. There are practical lessons of the Department of Hygiene and Social Medicine in the Department of Hygiene of Children and Teenagers of Institute of Protection of Children and Teenagers at the NAMS of Ukraine during which students acquire skills of Preventive Medicine and learn the basics of healthcare organizations.