Logistical support – european standards

The School of Medicine of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University proposes the highest level of material support in accordance to European standards of Higher Medical School to its students.

The lecture, practical, laboratory and seminar classes are held in the Northern building of the University, which is located in the historical, cultural and administrative centre of Kharkiv, and at clinical classes of the School. The total area of educational rooms of Medical School is more than 7000 square meters which are located only in the Northern building of the University. The area of used rooms for classes in other Schools of the University and clinical studies is more 150 000 sq. m.

Educational rooms are equipped with modern computer and multimedia inventory, video and audio systems, which are necessary for educational process like models, layouts, posters, devices, equipment etc. The total amount of seats for students is more than 4000 in the Northern building of University, 1000 of which are in lecture rooms and around 3000 in rooms for practical and seminar classes, in laboratories, computer rooms, methodical offices, library etc.

Lectures are held in modern rooms only with using multimedia equipment, video and audio systems that let combine classical approaches to educational process with innovations of the present.

A collection of anatomic and histological preparations is created in our School which includes more than 600 macro- and 5000 micropreparations and which are constantly replenished with new exhibits and actively used during students study of normal and topographic human anatomy, histology, pathological anatomy and other disciplines.

3 computer rooms are equipped, completed and function and there are more than 150 personal computers which are switched on to the internal network of Medical School and to Internet. After classes computer rooms are available for students and they may be used for working online, for preparation to classes and scientific work.

For our students we created conditions for network Internet access and internal network of School with using of our portable personal computers and mobile devices in educational rooms. In the halls of the School Wi-Fi network works.

Central Scientific Library of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University provides access to our students to 4 mln. copies of educational and periodical editions, more than 50 000 of which are unique ancient editions and manuscripts, aged over 200-300 years. The Library is one of the oldest and largest in Ukraine (founded in 1804). The Library is equipped with modern automated library informational system of service, electronic catalogue with opportunity to order books via Internet, huge (more than 3 mln.) base of electronic educational and periodical editions in repositories with an opportunity of access to them for students of the University via Internet, 92 personal computers with access to electronic editions and network Internet. The unique Library Fund and reading halls of Central scientific library are located in the main building of the University on the area of more than 10 000 sq. m.

All non-residents and foreign students are provided with comfortable hostels, the general area of them is more than 51 000 sq. m. In the hostels there is Wi-Fi network, an access to Internet network in separate channel, equipped libraries, laundries, cafes, restrooms and sports halls. The hostels are located on the distance of 10-minutes going by transport from the University, providing essential saving of time and money of students.

Students of the School of Medicine have the opportunity to visit sports sections and use sports infrastructure of the University the total area of them is more than 58 000 sq. m. The infrastructure includes 1 stadium, 7 sports grounds of different destination, 12 tennis courts, 1 football field, 15 buildings for sports and recreational classes.

The mass entertaining, cultural and scientific actions, conferences, performances of worldwide famous scientists from different countries and other public actions are held in 2 halls of the University with the total area of more than 2000 sq. m.

On the territory of the University there are 24 canteens, cafes and buffets, which propose the wide diversity of dishes for students at the democratic prices. The medical office works all the time at the University, where high-qualified doctors work and medical aid for students is given by specialized student’s hospital No.20. The University has its own recreation facility for students – sports and recreational camp «Fihurovka».