Scientifically-pedagogical staff – outstanding doctors, famous scientists and the best instructors

Training of future doctors at the School of Medicine of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is held by the powers of the strongest scientifically pedagogical staff. The teaching activity at the School is held by more than 40 doctors of medical sciences, professors, about 180 candidates of medical sciences, associate professors, and 20 candidates of medical sciences, assistants, and also more than 150 assistants without academic degree.

Among the instructors of the School of Medicine there are outstanding scientists and instructors of present, magnificent diagnosticians and clinical physicians, which names are popular far abroad, prof. I. V. Belozorov, prof. E. Y. Nikolenko, prof. E. D. Khvorostov, prof. Т. М. Tykhonova, prof. V. H. Chernuskyi, prof. M. M. Korenev, prof. M. M. Popov, prof. O. S. Procenko, prof. M. H. Gryshchenko, prof. O. V. Gryshchenko, prof. H. M. Danilenko, prof. S. O. Sherstyuk, prof. V. I. Ponomaryov, prof. N. S. Shevchenko and many others.

High quality of education is supported by powers of departments’ staff with medium experience of teaching activity in Medical Higher Educational Institutions more than 12 years. The departments hold constant improvement of regular personnel on the advanced training courses, thematic improvements, precertification cycles, conferences, meetings, congresses etc.

Leading specialists in separate spheres of medical science pass the students their theoretical knowledge and invaluable practical experience during educational process, develop clinical thinking and skills of medical and diagnostic art since first years of studying.