University education – indisputable advantage

The School of Medicine being a part of the oldest V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in Ukraine provides unique opportunity for the students to get classical university education, obvious advantages of which are indisputable.

Classical University High School has always been the base of medical science and education in all developed countries of the world. Necessary and essential component of Higher Medical School of our University is the academic triad – unity of education, science and clinical practice.

Certainly, only universities that have developed the base for teaching and studying biomedical and natural disciplines, thanks to using inter-disciplinary approaches create ideal conditions for formation and improvement of clinical and scientifically medical thinking of future doctors. The intensive coming into the medical sphere of achievements of computer studies, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and other sciences make the essential increasing of the amount and quality of studying fundamental disciplines to create the important doctors of future generation.

The School of Medicine of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University creates ideal conditions for studying fundamental sciences for its students at specialized Schools of University. Classical University approaches to teach students such subjects as biochemistry and non-organic chemistry, physics and biophysics, mathematics and medical statistics, informatics and computer sciences, philosophy and history, medical biology and genetics, foreign languages and fundamentals of economic theory make our Medical School‘s graduates be ready for modern, quickly changed, conditions of clinical practice and challenges of medical science.

The opportunity to improve the quality of medical education in our University is essentially wider due to integration into a process of future doctors’ preparation of scientifically pedagogical potential of other Schools: biological, physical, chemical, social, historical, ecological, economical, psychological, philological, legal, School of foreign languages and computer sciences. Profound preparation of students in the field of physics, biochemistry, computer technologies and other fundamental sciences make the graduates of Medical School be ready to work effectively with modern medical and diagnostic equipment and let fully master leading methods of treatment and diagnostic.

Studying at School of Medicine in classical V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, which is one of the most ancient and rating Higher Educational Institutes of Eastern Europe, gives the unique opportunity to our students to get the second university education in the field of economics, informatics, law, management, psychology, applied mathematics, foreign languages and others.