Head of the Department of General and Clinical Pathology

Dr. Olena Protsenko, MD, PhD is currently the professor and the Head of the Department of General and Clinical Pathology. She has attained national and international recognition as an expert in Anatomical Pathology.

Dr. Protsenko studied Medicine/Pediatrics at Kharkiv Medical Institute (now Kharkiv National Medical University) and successfully completed the program. Simultaneously after graduation, she went on to specialize in Anatomical Pathology at Kharkiv Medical Institute and in 1984 obtained her unrestricted clinical licence as a pathologist, which is presently maintained.

In 1984, she has been promoted to Head of Pathology Department at Kharkiv Hospital No.1. In 1987, Dr. Protsenko continued her training secured the clinical fellow position at Kharkiv Medical Institute. And later she was recruited to run the Department of Pathology at the Kharkiv Institute of General and Emergency Surgery, serving as pediatric pathologist. In 1994, Dr. Protsenko began her academic career by joining as associate professor to Anatomical Pathologist Department at Medical Institute of Sumy State University, where she continued to deliver distinguished service as pathologist and consultant at Sumy Regional Pathology Bureau. In 1992, she successfully defended her PhD thesis ‘Comparative Morphologic Study of Atherosclerosis in Kharkiv’s Men for 20 years’. In 1998, Dr. Protsenko was awarded as Associate Professor.

In 1995, Dr. Protsenko was assigned the first clinical qualified category by the Resolution of the Sumy Regional Attestation Committee and in 1999 Dr.Protsenko was honored by receiving superior clinical qualified category approved by the Central Attestation Committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Serving in the practical and academic pathologist capacity Dr. Protsenko continues her professional development by frequently taking continuous education courses for physicians and clinical educators.

In 2002 Dr. Protsenko became the Head of the Department of General and Clinical Pathology of the School of Medicine at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. At that time the main disciplines conducted by school of the department were Human Anatomy; Histology, Cytology and Embryology; Anatomic Pathology; Pathological Physiology; Forensic Medicine; Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy; Autopsy course. Ultimately, Dr. Protsenko continued to practice pathology. For 5 years (2002-2007) she had been serving as pathologist at Kharkiv Regional Clinical Oncologic Health Center. Then in 2007, she worked as pathologist in Pathology Department at the V. T. Zaitsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery National Academy of Medicine of Ukraine. And in 2011 she became a Head of Pathomorphology and Experimental Surgery Laboratory at Pathology Department of the V. T. Zaitsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery National Academy of Medicine of Ukraine. Moreover, since January 9, 2014 she has been working as pathologist at Pathology Department at the V. T. Zaitsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery National Academy of Medicine of Ukraine.

In 2013, Dr. Protsenko accomplished next doctoral research study ‘Anatomical Pathology of hepatic and biliary system of fetuses and newborns form mothers who had complicated pregnancy’ and she successfully defended her thesis for the academical degree of Doctor of Medicine. In present time she is considering to be awarding the tenured professorships.

Dr. Protsenko has excelled in promoting the academic mission and her experience and wisdom are highly valued within our academic and student’s community. She makes great contributions in education of future doctors by delivering numerous lectures on the general principles of pathology and clinical Pathology for Ukrainian and English speaking students; practical lessons in Anatomical Pathology and Autopsy courses. Tightly collaborating with school and students Dr. Protsenko performs autopsy with analysis of morphological particularities of tissues and organs in different disease. Preliminarily students familiarize themselves with theoretical part. Medical students always enthusiastically participate in discussion of clinical cases. Medical students of 6 years of education perform autopsy under supervision, what allows studying aspects of etiology and pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, and morphological appearance of different diseases.

Over the course of her career, Dr. Protsenko has had national impact in pathology education through her contributions to key textbooks in the field, 82 educational methodological recommendations, and 69 articles peer-reviewed articles for scientific magazines. The most prominent her published works are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (textbook for medical students ‘General Pathomorphology/Protsenko OS, Remneva NO, Sherstyuk SO etc. – V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. – Kharkiv: KhNU, 2013. – 194 p.) , monograph (Anatomical Pathology of non-tumor changes in thymus in patients with generalized myasthenia/Protsenko OS, Remneva N.O. – Kh.: V. N. Karazin KhNU, 2010. – 148 p.). Moreover, Dr. Protsenko holds four patents.

Dr.Protsenko is an active participant and host of clinical and scientific conferences, international workshops and CME, Congresses of Society of Pathologists of Ukraine.

Under her exceptional supervision PhD candidates defended their theses: Dr. Olena Polyakova (thesis ‘Anatomical pathology of pancreas of fetuses and newborns from mothers with anemia’, 2006) and Dr. Natalya Remneva (thesis ‘Anatomical Pathology of hyperplasic process in thymuses, 2008). She was nominated numerous times by prestigious University Director's awards for dedicated clinical and academic work for her great personal input in professional education of medical students. Dr. Protsenko has an interest and expertise in morphology of autoimmune diseases and tumors of thymus in patients with myasthenia.

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