Logistic of the Department of General and Clinical Pathology

To encourage medical students to develop cut edge knowledge the Department provides state-of-art equipment according to international educational experience.

To merge medical student into the medicine knowledge all lectures are held in three specious lecture halls equipped with multimedia systems connected to the University's internal network and the Internet.

Furthermore, during practical lessons students use eight department’s classrooms equipped with multimedia systems with easy access to the University's internal network and the Internet, essential models, concrete materials, etc.

In close cooperation with our students, our professors created the Museum of Human Anatomy and Pathology. Collections of the Museum are widely used in promoting courses Anatomical Pathology and Pathological Physiology. All members of our Department and students are constantly updating and enhancing collections of the Museum. Now, many members of our school are working on creating the digital Pathological Atlas of Micropathology and Macropathology.

Continuing very positive experience of using digital copies of learning materials our professors create and introduce new electronic versions of review courses, including electronic demonstrational models for practical lessons.

The Department provides to students unique opportunity to develop valuable skills in tissue processing, tissue cutting, tissue staining, to study fresh, frozen, or paraffin-processed tissues and analyze sections using various histological stains, and discrete cells within smear specimen. To help students to practice these skills the Department give a full access under supervision to tissue processor, embedding center, microtomes, cryostat, vibratome, laser capture microdissection, optical microscope (with LCD screen, camera and morphometric software), etc.

Conducting training courses in disciplines of the Department is accompanied by the use in the educational process and application of multimedia equipment, anatomical models, pathological preparations, microscopes, digital cameras and other equipment.

The main educational space at the Department is dissecting room with learning room at Pathology Department, the V.T. Zaitsev Institute of General and Emergency Surgery National Academy of Medicine of Ukraine where practical lessons in Anatomical Pathology, Pathological Physiology and Sectional Course take place.