Staff of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The staff of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology includes 2 Doctors of Medicine, Full Professors; 1 Doctor of Biology, Full Professor; 5 Candidates of Medicine, Associate Professors; 4 Candidates of Medicine, Assistant; 5 Assistants without academic degree; 1 department assistants. The percentage of persons working full-time is 44%, and persons working part-time at the department – 56%. There is one winner of the state prize and one honored worker of science of Ukraine conducted research and teaching activities at the Department.

Many years of experience and a strong potential pedagogical staff of the Department provide high quality education. The average length of service of educational activities of the staff in the Department is consist 22.5 years.

In order to keep the high scientific and pedagogical level the Department staff every year pass extension courses, specialization, pre-certification cycles of thematic improvement, etc., including courses in teaching skills and courses for introduction in educational process of innovative Internet technologies and remote forms of education.

Lecturers of Department

Mykola H. Gryshchenko

Ganna V. Storchak

Olena М. Fedota

Igor V. Lakhno

Tetiana V. Sevastianova

Iryna А. Vasylieva

Olga V. Golovina

Kateryna V. Drohovoz

Tetiana O. Kozub