Students’ preparation for Unified state qualification exam

Preparation of medical students for the Unified state qualification exam is conducted on a regular basis during the entire period of study in three languages: Ukrainian (for citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainian foreign students), Russian (for Russian-speaking foreign students) and English (for English-speaking foreign students).

In 2016, the introduction of an integrated system of students preparation for KROK is started, which is a unique complex of events in Ukraine, its choice of the form and content is based on in-depth statistical analysis of the materials in preparation for the KROK obtained from official sources. System components, its features and peculiarities of its using open to students in practical sessions, special meetings on the preparation for KROK, and also they are described in details in the distance online courses in preparation for the KROK on the website of the Institute of postgraduate and distance (remote) education at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

The system of preparation for KROK includes a theoretical and test training of students, which are carried out with the use of full-time and online consulting, system of remote Internet education and control level of preparation, printed manuals and guides, specially developed software and others.

Preparing for the Unified state qualification exam is carried out during the entire period of study in the learning of relevant disciplines, it allows you to evenly distribute the test burden on students, and the use of innovative Internet technologies and advanced online learning systems and control of knowledge level allows, at the same time, significantly reduce material and temporal costs for preparation.