Head of the Department of Oncology, Radiology and Radiation Medicine

The head of the department of the Department of Oncology, Radiology and Radiation Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Mykola V. Krasnoselsky whose scientific interests are surgery, oncosurgery, thoracic surgery.

He began his career in 1981 during an internship in pediatric surgery at the 1st Children's City Hospital in Lysychansk. In 1982-1983 he passed specialization in pediatric oncology (Kiev, Moscow All-Russian Scientific Research Center). From 1986 to 1988 he was trained in clinical residency in the specialty "Oncology".

In 1993, he trained at the clinic of the Royal Society of London for Microsurgery, at St. Mark`s Colorectal Surgery Hospital, and at the Royal Oncology Surgery Hospital. In 1995, he studied at the Mayo Brothers Clinic (Rogest, Minnesota, USA). Since 1982, he worked in the Voroshilovograd Regional Oncology Center in various positions, as an oncologist, a regional pediatric oncologist and the head of the surgical department. Since September 1988, he worked in various positions at the Kharkov Research Institute of Medical Radiology, namely: surgeon, head of the surgical department, researcher in the department of prevention and treatment of radiation injuries. In 1993, he was accepted as an assistant at the Department of Radiation Diagnostics, Radiation Therapy and Oncology, Kharkov Medical Institute. In the same year he defended his thesis. In May 1999 he was accepted to the post of assistant of the department of hospital surgery, in September 1999 - to the post of assistant professor of the same department.

In 2005 he defended his doctoral dissertation and was elected a full member (academician) of the Ukrainian Technological Academy of Sciences in the department "Modern Medical Technologies". In 2006-2014, he was the chief specialist in surgery at the General Directorate of Healthcare of the Kharkov Regional State Administration. Since 2008 - Professor, Department of Surgery No. 2, Kharkov Medical University.

Since June 2013 Mykola V. Krasnoselsky by competition elected to the post of acting Director, and on November 13, 2013, he was approved by the Presidium of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine as Director of the State Institution of Medical Radiology named after S.P. Grigoryev NAMS of Ukraine ".

Mykola V. Krasnoselskyis the author of more than 160 scientific papers, 22 patents for invention, 4 certificates of copyright, 16 guidelines, 4 monographs. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Oncology magazine and the Eurasian Oncological Journal. Mykola V. Krasnoselskyis a laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, awarded with an Honorary Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, a memorable distinction to them. prof. V.T. Zaitseva.

The professor proposed ways to reduce the risk of dissemination of malignant tumors, conducted several studies in various fields of oncology, introduced new technologies into the practice of Ukrainian oncological surgeons. He actively participates in international conferences, scientific congresses and forums on oncology, general and emergency surgery, thoracic and endocrine surgery

Mykola V. Krasnoselskyis directly involved in the provision of medical care for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with surgical and oncological profiles. Performs 200-300 surgical interventions of the highest complexity per year.

Head's report on the work of the department (2019-2020)