Educational work of the Department of Oncology, Radiology and Radiation Medicine

Educational work of the department is one of its priorities. Students can obtain training in 6 disciplines in English or Ukrainian. The total volume of academic load is 6253 academic hours, including 62 lecture hours and 5392 practical lessons.

For efficient education of undergraduate students, the faculty of the department uses the Recommendations to discipline's Standardized Curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the framework of regulated guidelines for departmental faculty. Student’s education and training is conducted according to the guidelines of Bologna Processes.

The educational process at the Department is carried out using modern multimedia and computer equipment, and sufficient amount of visual material with the active involvement of students in the clinical and scientific work of the department, as well as the use of innovative approaches to the educational process (on-line consultation for students, discussion of different issues in voice and text chats, online monitoring the students preparation for the license exam KROK, etc.).

During the training at the department students have a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with modern diagnostic and laboratory equipment, which the department offers. Practical lessons maximum simulate clinical practice. With the faculty teachers our students do clinical examinations, take histories, manage the patients, participate in clinical rounds, conferences, workshops, etc. This way, students gain valuable clinical experience during training at the department.

Particular attention is paid to the process of preparation to the licensing exam KROK 1 and KROK 2, which is carried out with the analysis of tests of all available databases and tests, using software specially developed for the Medical Faculty, computer labs and multimedia equipment, on-line distance learning systems, full-time and online teachers’ consultations in preparation for KROK during the whole course with equal distribution of the load on the students.