Methodical work of the Department of Oncology, Radiology and Radiation Medicine

Methodical work of the department is conducted on an ongoing basis, which results in complete methodical maintenance of disciplines. Teaching materials prepared by the faculty are available for students in electronic version online, on servers of Medical Faculty's internal computer network, in University's electronic depository, as well as in printed form.

Methodical complexes of disciplines of the department
Work schedules of the department

Methodical development of lectures

Working programs of disciplines of the department

Methodical packages are created and constantly updated on all the department's disciplines, including work programs, calendar and thematic plans, methodology for assessing students' knowledge and skills, methodological recommendations for practical training for students' independent work, instructions for students' training in terms of Bologna process, database of tests and situational tasks for the current and final module control of students' knowledge and skills, checklist of questions and recommended reading, texts and multimedia presentations of lectures, etc