Training Center of Esthetic Medicine

General information

The Educational center of aesthetic medicine was established in September 2009 on the base of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. It is one of the leading educational centers in Kharkiv city, which teaches specialist of physical therapy, massage, aesthetical cosmetology. Graduates of the Educational center of aesthetic medicine are relevant and work in medical institutions, fitness and SPA centers in our country and also abroad.

History of origin

Educational center of aesthetic medicine was opened in September 2009 with the purpose to increase knowledge of population about the questions of, physical therapy, medical and prophylactic massage and aesthetic cosmetology. From the beginning of 2015 the new directions of the courses as physical rehabilitation (full-time distant form of educating) and courses of nutrition were worked out and implemented. From the day of foundation and till now the head of the Educational center is Larysa Zhukova.

Logistic of the Department

An educational center has the totally equipped classrooms for carrying out the practical lessons on a therapeutic and aesthetic massage, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation and aesthetic cosmetology.

The head of the Center

The head of the Educational center of aesthetic medicine is Larysa Zhukova. In 1997 she graduated from the Kharkov state Academy of physical culture, specialty "Physical rehabilitation". The same year L. Zhukova entered postgraduate of KSAPC to specialty "Physical rehabilitation", after its graduating from 2000 she remained to work as a teacher at the Department "Sports medicine and physical rehabilitation" in the Academy of physical culture. Since 2004,L. Zhukova worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of "Civil defense, disaster medicine and fundamentals of medical knowledge",on medical faculty in V. N. Karazin Kharkiv national University. 14 scientific articles, the main theme of which are the issues of physical rehabilitation were written by L. Zhukova.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff of the Educational center consists of the head of the Center, two laboratory technicians and four teachers who are the leading experts of Kharkiv city in massage, cosmetology and physical therapy . The teachers of the training center are constantly improving their skills, attend educational workshops and master classes.

Educational work

The Educational center of aesthetic medicine provides training on the following courses:

  • physical therapy;
  • massage;
  • aesthetic cosmetology;
  • nutrition;
  • physical rehabilitation.

Training is conducted by specially developed work programs that are not only for students of the medical facilities, but also for ordinary person who decided to change the field of his activity and to get new knowledge in the medicine and aesthetics areas. There are additional narrow lessons and seminars that help them in their future work. The staff of the Educational center of aesthetic medicine developed guidance manuals for medical physical culture, cosmetology and massage.

Contact information

Address: 61022, Kharkiv, Svobody Sq. 6, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, School of Medicine, Training Center of Esthetic Medicine, r. № 671, 673


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Phone: +38 (073) 902-75-13

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