History of Department of Human Anatomy

The Department of Human Anatomy (Anatomy) was established together with the creation of the School of Medicine as part of the Kharkiv Imperial University, which was founded at the initiative of V. N. Karazin. School of the University was the first institution of higher education of medical direction in Ukraine. The development of educational and scientific base of the Department, the formation and growth of its scientific potential is indissolubly linked with the names of the Heads of the Department, professors: I. D. Knigin, A. S. Venediktov, P. A. Naranovich, T. S. Elias, D. F. Giardia, N. A. Popov, A. K. Belousov, V. P. Vorobiev, R. D. Sinelnikov and others who created the well-known in Ukraine and beyond the morphological school.

November 20, 1992 order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the number 185 has instructed the University to recover training in medicine with rights of medical activities. In March 1993, the University opened the School of Basic Medicine, on the basis of which was organized by the Department of General and Clinical Pathology in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of the University № 3 on 5 April 1996 through the reorganization of the Department of General and Clinical Biophysics.

Then, at the Department of General and Clinical Pathology it was laid on the teaching of the discipline of human anatomy, histology, general and clinical pathology, topographic anatomy and operative surgery, forensic medicine, special courses in general pathology and medical biomechanics. The first Head of the Department was appointed Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor Оlexiy A. Hutsol, who has worked in this position until 2002. From 2002 to the present time as Head of the Department of General and Clinical Pathology working Doctor of Medicine, Full Professor Olena S. Protsenko.

According to the order № 3501-1 / 024 of 23 January 2015 it was created by the Department of "Human anatomy".