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January 11, 2020

The results of student scientific society of the department of clinical neurology, psychiatry and narcology

The results of student scientific society of the department of clinical neurology, psychiatry and narcology

The team of the Department of Clinical Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology headed by professor Tamara Mishchenko wishes everyone a Happy New year 2020 and sums up the results of work psychiatric section of the student scientific society.

During the first semester of 2019-2020 academic year, a new form of work has been successfully introduced in psychiatric section of student`s scientific society – practical sessions with specialists in the field of mental health, psychotherapy and psycho-rehabilitation. Few of such sessions were organized and conducted by supervisors of psychiatry section D. Shtryhol, A. Haydabrus, V. Vovk.

First such meeting held on October 24, where crisis psychologist Natalya Chernukha presented a modern psychotherapeutic method of psychic trauma - Brainspotting.

5th of December took place the session leaded by the chairman of the East European Association of Hypnotherapists and Clinical Psychologists, the head of the neurodynamic school, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, PhD, MD Sergey Grinvald. Students learnt hypnotherapy – as a method of psychotherapy, its physiological and psychological basis, and took part in practical exercises that demonstrated the potential of hypnosis.

On December 19, workshop with psychiatry section was leaded by Victoria Chertkova - master of psychology, a body-oriented therapist, an art-therapist, a specialist in trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, where method of body-oriented psychotherapy was demonstrated.

Also students took part in analysis of different clinical cases. Especially interesting participant found the case with post-traumatic stress disorder, complicated by multifactorial dependendce.

It`s planned already for next semester to provide a new interactive session with outstanding specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy, who will introduce to our psychiatry section some modern and advanced approaches in therapy and rehabilitation! We want you learn the best and from the bests!

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