Logistic of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy

Logistical support of the Department activities is on the highest level and fully comply with international standards.

Lectures are delivered in 24 lecture rooms that are equipped with multimedia systems and computers connected to the University domestic network and Internet network.

There are 16 auditoriums for practical, laboratory and seminar studies around the Department, which are also equipped with multimedia systems, PCs with Internet and the University domestic network connection, video and TV technique, essential dummies, moulages, dummy boxes (general and special surgical instruments, laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment, soft drainages and catheters, dressings, bones and other cadaveric material, ophthalmoscopes, visual field analyzers, Maklakov tonometer with assessment rulers, ocular blood flow analyzer, slit-lamps and other devices, phantoms for performing of basic nurse manipulations and first-aid training, thematic tables and diagrams.

Independent students’ work is stipulated at clinical bases. Besides prospected issues, students may study recent scientific periodical publications with subsequent presentation of the material in multimedia demonstration. At the time of students’ independent self-education, department instructors advise students and give them recommendations about their assignment design. All lecture materials at the Department are delivered with the help of multimedia and other modern devices. The training process includes active forms of learning such as short abstracts reports on the most topical issues, new classifications, methods of research and recommendations for the treatment of diseases of the practical skills, individually with each student in practical classes.