Scientific work of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy

Research work of the department is an integral part of its activities. Department staff thanks to its research are acclaimed scientific experts in their fields, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Basic scientific inquiries at the Department are colorectal cancer issues, small and large intestinal fistulas and esophageal strictures, gastrointestinal bleeding treatment issues, radionuclide investigation and treatment methods, endovascular methods of metastases treatment, urgent surgery and blood transfusions, wound management, organ and tissue transplantation, gastroduodenal ulcers treatment, etc.

During all department history, its staff has defended 5 PhD theses. Currently, 5 master's theses are designed and carried out.

Results of personal department staff research were published in 350 national issues and 150 other ones. Innovative research points are corroborated with 50 patents and inventors certificates.

Personal research results were revealed by department staff at over 150 conferences, forums, symposiums, meetings (120 of them are international).

The Department has official scientific cooperation in experience exchange, scientific association with Institute of General and Emergency Surgery NAMS of Ukraine, Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital of First Aid and Emergency Care, Kharkiv City Otolaryngology Clinic №30, Central Clinical Hospital № 5 “Ukrzaliznytsa”.

An essential part of scientific department activities is organization of scientific students’ clubs, which are a part of the Scientific Research Group. The members of these clubs with department teachers participate clinical discussions and debates, scientific conferences, regular meetings, forums, symposiums and researches.

Students of the scientific clubs have initiated an organization of 5 scientific international conferences, where students revealed their personal scientific research results.