Clinical bases of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy

Clinical centers of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy are Ukrainian leading healthcare agencies that are well known far abroad in their scientific and clinical potential. The Department has three clinical centers.

Institute of General and Emergency Surgery NAMS of Ukraine. Institute of General and Emergency Surgery NAMS of Ukraine is scientific research clinical institute, which was found in 1930 in Kharkiv. Scientific research of institute staff is urgent surgery and blood transfusion issues, wound management, organ and tissue transplantation, gastroduodenal ulcers treatment. Clinicalcenterhas the following departments: 6 surgery departments, endoscopy diagnostic department, intensive care department, cardiovascular surgery, vascular surgery, radiology departments. The clinic has modern diagnostic and surgical equipment.

Kharkiv City Otolaryngology Clinic №30. Only this clinic has phoniatrics and audiology offices in Kharkiv for children and adults, cryosurgery and laser therapy rooms. Rhinoplasty surgeries, removal esophageal foreign body procedures, pharyngeal lymphoid ring surgeries, paranasal sinus surgeries, laryngoscopic surgeries etc. are performed in the clinic. Digital recording and computer data analysis are possible due to videoendoscopic systems and other modern diagnostic equipment.

Central Clinical HospitalUkrzaliznytsa”. Central Clinical Hospital “Ukrzaliznytsa” is leading diagnostic, treatment and scientific research center on neurology, cardiology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery and psychiatry. In recent years, leading activity of the Clinic is to provide a modern level of patients’ care of brain, heart, aorta, kidneys vascular and peripheric vessels lesions.The range of aid - from acute states to rehabilitation stages and from radiologic investigations up to radical surgical interventions. Angioplasty, coronary, main cerebral and renal arteries stenting, arterial bypass surgeries, carotid arteries surgeries (including stenting), wide range of conservative and physiotherapeutic treatments, rehabilitation of cardiovascular surgery patients, heart rhythm disorders management are provided here.

Medical students have lectures and practical classes, take part in clinical discussions, get practical skills and fix their theoretical knowledge at these clinical centers. Students of the scientific clubs also participate scientific medical research there.