December 2, 2015

Action "Doomed or not?" to AIDS Day

1st December, 2015 Scientific Society of Medical faculty of Karazin Kharkov National University, in conjunction with the Kharkov regional center of prevention and control of AIDS, supported by the company "Wellness Medical" will hold an action "Doomed or not?» which is dedicated to the World AIDS Day .

Our main goal is to pay attention to this problem. In Ukraine, in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the prevalence of HIV / AIDS is highest. There is the growing number of HIV-infected women in Ukraine. Experts estimate that by 2014 the total number of HIV-infected citizens of Ukraine will amounted to 820,000.

Red Ribbon which year is a symbol of solidarity with HIV-positive and AIDS patients. It is a mandatory attribute of the relevant shares.

The program of events includes a lecture by a psychiatrist, an expert of the Kharkov regional center of prevention and control of AIDS and from 13.00 in the Northern building we invite all students to take a part in the action "Doomed or not?».

Do not remain indifferent! We are waiting for you!