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June 29, 2019

Тhe international organization "Balfour-Brown Club"

Тhe international organization "Balfour-Brown Club"

In May 2019, leading entomologists studying aquatic co-wings arrived for the first time in Ukraine. Their efforts are integrated by the international organization "Balfour-Brown Club". Alexander Shatrovskiy, associate professor of the Department of General and Clinical Pathology, has been entrusted with the organisation of a trip for foreign and Ukrainian specialists. The expedition was supported by the British Museum of Natural History.

The territory for research was Shatsky National Natural Park, located in the Volyn region. 7 people took part in complex researches (left to right in the photo): Alexander Shatrovskiy, Clive Turner (United Kingdom), Vassil Dyadichko (Ukrainian Scientific Center for Sea Ecology, Odessa), Will Watson (United Kingdom), Keita Matsumoto (Japan), Michael Geiser (Switzerland), Alexander Kravchenko (Ukraine, Shatsky National Natural Park).

According to the results of the expedition, a number of scientific publications are planned on the basis of the collected material. The guests noted the richness of nature in Ukraine, the good attitude of its citizens and expressed a desire to explore other Ukrainian territories in the next years.