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December 30, 2015

Students of the School of Medicine received personal certificates of IBM

Students of the School of Medicine received personal certificates of IBM

The IBM Academic Initiative is an international program of cooperation with institutions that provide training of specialists in the field of innovative technologies.

The purpose of the program is to develop the knowledge and practical skills of students in their preparation for professional activities in such directions as computer science, information technology, information systems, and etc.Within the framework of this program IBM Company collaborates with lecturers of educational establishments that support open standards and seek to exploit in educational process technologies with open source, as well as software products and IBM solutions in innovative areas.

Coordinator of the IBM Academic Initiative at the School of Medicine of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is a professor A. V. Martynenko.Disciplines that he teaches at the School of Medicine ("Medical Informatics" and "Intellectual analytical medical systems") received recognition within the program of IBM Academic Initiative.Therefore, the School got the right to nominate the top students to obtain professional IBM certificates in "Intellectual analytical medical systems" with IBM SPSS Statistics software. The participation on the part of IBM in professional certification of students with the placement of resume of certified students in IBM database contributes to the realization of young talents. For students who have received at least one certificate of IBM, have a special program called Student Opportunity System. The program allows students of accredited educational establishments easily post their resumes on the website of the virtual center of employment available to thousands of customers and IBM Business Partners from all over the world.As a result, employers can find and hire students who have the skills in technology and IBM software products.

Congratulations to the following students of the School of Medicine with getting personal certificates of IBM!

Anastasia Fissenko, Diana Chan, Alexander Degtyarev, Ivan Domburg, Anna Solomakhina, Anastasia Shcherbachenko, Violetta Pavlushko, Anastasia Logvinenko, Sofia Bondarenko, Vladislav Dougan, Arthur Petrun'ko, Vladislav Chiryukin, Elena Melamed, Valentine Shevchenko, Catherine Eskova, Svetlana Gribacheva, Ilona Gritsenko, Catherine Tkacheva, Julia Gostieva, Inna Tarnopol, Abdel Wahhab O. J., Alina Tsemina, Anastasia Vinogradova, Yaroslava Isaeva, Alina Getmanets, Margarita Orlova, Alena Semeshina.