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February 20, 2019

The Student Scientific Society invites you to take part in the cycle of workshops by Kateryna Kunytska

Meetings take place within the framework of the educational cycle "From Idea to Action" created by the Public Union "Innovation Center" Ladder to the Future "with the aim of the partnership of searching and enterprising individuals for the search and introduction of innovations in the field of healthcare!

Within the framework of the cycle "From idea to action" on February 20, a workshop will be held in Kharkiv on the topic "Fundamentals of emotional intelligence". In the workshop program:

  • We will see what emotions, feelings and emotional intelligence are.
  • We will deal with concepts: emotional management for yourself and emotional management of others.
  • We will understand how the level of emotional intelligence affects on the effectiveness of management.
  • Consider the basic emotions and their role in our lives. We work out one of the basic emotions in life situations.
  • We learn to cope with stress to be in an equilibrium emotional state.
  • We will learn to change emotional states and maintain ourselves in a resource condition by understanding their emotions and their reactions.

Coach: Kateryna Kunitskaya - Certified Practice on Emotional Intelligence, Certified Coaching Coach, Business Coach, Coach, Lead Development Expert. Katerina has 12 years of management experience as a hired employee, director and co-owner of business in the service sector, 7 years of practical experience with owners and top managers of companies to introduce personal changes and increase their own efficiency.

When? - 20 February 12:30 - 18:00 (registration of participants 12: 00-12: 30)

Where? - Kharkiv,V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University(Northern building, theSchool of Medicine), Svobody Square, 6.

For whom? - Young scientists, students biotechnology, doctors and pharmacists, managers that are interested in biotechnology.

Number of seats is limited!

The entrance is free of charge for the previous MANDATORY registration.

You will receive confirmation of participation by e-mail.

Organizers: Civil Society “Innovation Center" Stairs to the Future”"and School of medicine.