Methodical work of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy

Methodological activities of the Departmentis steady and it results in complete set of methodological support for all subjects. The department prepared teaching materials available for students in an electronic form online, on servers of internal computer network of the School of Medicine in electronic depository and in print format also.

The department methodological activity outcome is formulation of 5 textbooks, 1 monograph, 80 manuals (75 of them is in English) by department staff over an all department history.

Specially designed and actually relevant methodologic packets supply all department disciplines. They include work programs, curriculums, methods of students’ practical skills and theoretical knowledge assessment, methodologic recommendations for practical classes and students’ self-education, Bologna process instructions, test questions and case tasks banks for routine and final students’ skills and knowledge assessment, lists of control questions and recommended publications, printed lectures and their multimedia presentations, etc.