Staff of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operative Surgery and Topographical Anatomy

The staff of the Department of Surgical Diseases, Operational Surgery and Topographical Anatomy includes 4 Doctors of Medicine, Full Professors; 2 Doctors of Medicine, Associate Professors; 25 Candidates of Medicine, Associate Professors; 3 Candidates of Medicine, Assistants; 39 Assistants without academic degree; 15 senior department assistants. The percentage of persons working full-time is 40 %, and persons working part-time at the department - 60%.

A high quality of education is provided by experience and strong young potential of teaching staff of the Department. Average teaching seniority in high-education institutions of the Department insiders comes to 8 years.

Purposely to keep the Department team at a scientific and teaching level, refresher courses, specialization, pre-certification lecture series, advanced training additional courses, teaching techniques, innovational Internet-technologies and the Department lecturers pass distant education deployment courses annually.

Lecturers of Department

Oleksandr M. Kudrevych

Arora Sukesh Kumar

Vasyl V. Blyzniuk

Viktor M. Veklych

Borys V. Gilov

Madona O. Gogiya

Alona V. Gryshchenko

Kate I. Skrypka

Zaur Huseynov Farhad oglу

Inesa O. Ishkova

Eugene V. Kosov

Alla A. Kosova

Mariia S.Matvieienko

Yevhen A. Novikov

Olena Y. Rozhkova

Oleg V. Ryabov

Danylo V. Safronov

Lubov V. Pereiaslova

Evgen I. Yarmak